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Do I know anybody... [30 Jan 2012|10:36pm]
who will be in San Diego between March 22 and 26th, or in Vegas between May 17 and 20th?

I don't think I know anyone in either city, but if some sort of weird coincidence puts you in either location, let me know.
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The Best Talent Segment EVER! [16 Jan 2011|04:40pm]
I can not believe this didn't win.

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Couch to 5K [12 Oct 2010|11:03am]
I just finished week one of the Couch to 5K plan!

Anyone want to hop on the bandwagon with me?  It's a great time to start; all you need is a pair of shoes and a good sports bra!
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[31 Aug 2010|05:20pm]
What are some online lit mags that work well on a bb or iphone? I often find myself at the bus stop with just enough time to read a poem.
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What do you do in features besides read slam poems? [16 Aug 2010|12:48pm]
I am dissecting the anatomy of a good feature, because I think a twenty-minute set should be more than just five or six slam poems.

Some things I've used or seen others use:

Cover poems
Short poems
Some type of intermission (Limericks, haiku, beatboxing, etc.)
First drafts

What else, LJ kids?
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Rent the Runway? [12 Aug 2010|09:55am]
Anyone out there in internet land used Rent the Runway? I am thinking about renting a dress for an upcoming wedding, but I don't know anyone who has used the service.
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Via Fengi [13 Jul 2010|01:10pm]
I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Remarkably accurate!!! Get yours here.
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And in case I haven't mentioned it to you thirty times already... [12 Jul 2010|09:05am]
I am hosting a late-night Limerick Slam at NPS!!!

It will be Wednesday night at Wild Tymes. The format will be head-to-head, but the exciting part is that we won't set up the brackets in advance. Instead, I will pull a poet from the hat, and that poet gets to challenge any other poet who has not yet read in that round. So, say you have a bunch of Limericks about Cynthia French, and I pull you name, you can make her get on stage and take your abuse.

So, be there. There will be an awesome prize.
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The end of Western civilization? [09 Jul 2010|12:03pm]
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Poetry Stuff [03 Jul 2010|03:42pm]
1) The Chicago Bloc has room for one person (preferably female) on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night of NPS.  Your roommates would be lovely women.  We will charge you 1/4 of the hotel cost.  Let me know if you are interested.

2) It appears that I am hosting a Limerick Slam at NPS.  No details yet, but it is listed as a late-night event on the website.  Get your dirty verse ready, kids.  Or, better yet, show up, see who else is competing, and write nasty Limericks about them really quickly.

3) Performance, performance, performance for me, all weekend.
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Question for you publishing types... [24 Jun 2010|12:25pm]
Back in early April, I received an acceptance from a monthly online lit mag saying that my poem would appear in a future issue.  Since then, the April, May, and June issues have gone up, none of which contain my poem.  Do I inquire about this?  Or wait?
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Netbooks? [24 Jun 2010|09:18am]
I want a netbook.  I see them advertised for like $25 on ebay.  What's the catch?

I don't really care about OS, because I'd probably just install Linux anyway.
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Performing Form [13 May 2010|09:36am]
Let's talk for a minute about performing formal pieces (and for once in my life, I don't mean Limericks).  If you write a sonnet or a pantoum or a sestina, the form should be, in theory, integral to the piece, not just something you've slapped on to show what you can do with line breaks or meter or whatever.  So, when you perform it, how do you keep those things from getting lost in translation?
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Good Read [29 Apr 2010|09:17pm]
Patricia Smith on obtuseness for obtuseness's sake.
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Man, I've only been posting about poetry [26 Mar 2010|03:37pm]
and here's one more...It looks official, Team Green Mill 2010 is Tristan, Baz, Roger, Robbie Q., and yours truly.
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Do Poets Get Better? [25 Mar 2010|03:41pm]
Let's talk a minute about contemporary poets. Let's say I tell you to go check out Bill Knott (as I did in my last post). You go to the library, and see seven or eight of his books. How do you choose which one to decide?

I generally choose his most recent work, thinking it will be the best. This assumes that later work is informed by earlier work, and that poets get better over time. That said, I can think of some counterexamples. "My Alexandria" is my favorite Mark Doty; "What the Living Do" is my favorite Marie Howe.

What say you, LiveJournal?
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I can't remember where I heard about him, but [24 Mar 2010|08:29pm]
Bill Knott. For reals, yo.
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BTW [18 Mar 2010|02:16pm]
If you are not following the greatpoets community on LJ, you should be.
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Apparatus Magazine [03 Mar 2010|08:59am]
Those of you publishing types (and non-publishing types!) should check out apparatus magazine.  Not only is it edited by Chicago's own Adam Hart, it is very pretty, has an ISBN, and publishes some really interesting work.

However, the reason I really like it is that each issue has a (somewhat abstract) theme, and I like picking through my work to see if something fits and/or using the theme as a sort of writing prompt.  Also, according to duotrope, the editor very often sends personal rejection letters, which can be useful in their own right.

Upcoming themes and deadlines:

March: Vol. 1 Issue 9. Theme: Cat's Cradle & Mousetrap. | Deadline: Extended - March 9th.

April: Vol. 1 Issue 10. Theme: Turning a Phrase & Finding a Voice. | Deadline: March 29th.

May: Vol. 1 Issue 11. Theme: Wooden Nickel & Lucky Penny. | Deadline: April 29th.

He does not accept simultaneous submissions, but the turn-around time is only a couple of weeks.  So, submit to apparatus.  And if you do, tell Adam that I sent you.
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To Make a Long Story Short [25 Feb 2010|01:21pm]
(too late)Collapse )
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